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Library Student Employee Guide: Printing

Training & easy reference guide for Library Student Assistants
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Many of the questions student workers field at the information desk are about how to print. If a student approaches needing to print something, follow these steps:

  1. Ask where their document is stored. If it’s on a USB drive, they can print from that. Otherwise, they should save the document to their Park Google Drive.
    • Ask them to log into their Park Gmail (username is their Park, password is their normal Park password)
    • Open Google Drive
    • Upload the document to their Drive
  2. Next, take the patron to the WEPA print kiosk, located on the first floor of Norrington next to the Chromebook and laptop carts.
  3. Touch the screen to get started.
  4. Click the button that “Log in without a card.”
  5. Ask the student to log in using their normal Park login credentials.
  6. Once patron into the kiosk, the patron will see multiple printing options. Google Drive is the most reliable printing option, but they can use another if they would like.
  7. If the document is saved to their Google Drive, click the “Google Drive” icon, find the document, and hit print.
  8. Students get $20 of free printing money per semester. Black-and-white prints cost $0.10 per page.
  9. If the printer runs out of paper, refill it. Be sure not to overfill or it will jam! If there’s a paper jam, contact Chad.
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