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Library Student Employee Guide: Emergencies and Inclement Weather

Training & easy reference guide for Library Student Assistants
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Emergencies and Inclement Weather


  • Activate an alarm pull station if possible.
  • Evacuate the building. Don't use elevators.
  • Stay low to avoid smoke and fumes.
  • Call 911 and Campus Safety from a safe location. Give details about the fire's location.
  • DO NOT reenter the building until advised to do so by emergency personnel.

If you are trapped and unable to evacuate:

  • Place an article of clothing outside or in a window (if available) as a marker for emergency personnel.
  • Shout at irregular intervals to alert emergency personnel to your location.
  • Keep door closed if it is warm to the touch, while also stuffing the cracks to slow the entry of smoke into your room.
  • If you are unable to safely navigate the stairs due to a disability, go to the nearest stairwell and wait for assistance from emergency personnel.

Active Shooter

In the case of an active shooter, determine the most reasonable way to protect your own life. If possible, attempt to vacate the premises. Familiarize yourself with all 3 exits in the building - behind the Jolly Roger, in front of the Jolly Roger, and to the left of the information desk.

If evacuation is not possible, find a place to hide where the active shooter is less likely to find you. Take a moment to think about some potential areas where you could hide in the event of an active shooter.

As a last resort, and only when your life is in imminent danger, attempt to disrupt and or incapacitate the active shooter.

Always call 911 if possible, even if you cannot speak without risking your location. As a student employee, always prioritize your own safety.

Severe Weather

There is a radio at the information desk that will sound if there is a severe weather warning in the area. If severe weather is expected, be sure to keep an eye out for local news reports.

Tornado Watch

Conditions exist for a tornado to possibly develop.

  • Keep an eye out for changing weather conditions
  • Listen to media outlets for additional statements and warnings.
  • Listen for tornado warning sirens.

Tornado Warning

Tornado is sighted or indicated by radar.

  • Seek shelter immediately - the BEST place is the Academic Underground. However, if you cannot safely make it to that location, go immediately to the Science Hall basement (next door).
  • Move to the lowest-level interior hallway, away from windows and glass.
  • Sit on the floor and put your head in your lap. Cover head with arms and hands.

Student employees are not expected to stay until all students have vacated the area. Please prioritize your own safety, while telling students around you where the designated safe location is.

Spills or Medical Emergencies

In case of spills, contact your supervisor, who will contact facilities. This may include bathrooms, coffee or food spills in the reading rooms, etc. 

If bathrooms become unusable, alert your supervisor and please place a Do Not Use sign on the door.

For medical emergencies, contact Campus Safety.

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