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Library Student Employee Guide: Opening and Closing Procedures

Training & easy reference guide for Library Student Assistants
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Opening and Closing Procedures

Opening the library:

If Norrington's exterior doors are locked upon arrival, your Park ID card may be used to unlock to enter. ID card panels are located at all three entrances. The exterior doors lock and unlock automatically with the building's hours, but if this fails, please contact Campus Safety at (816) 584-6444 to ask that they unlock Norrington.

  1. Power on the Information Desk computers and remember to clock in!  
  2. Turn on interior lights in 1st and 2nd floor public spaces, including the book display lights.
  3. Check the phone for any voicemails. If there are any, take a note and pass the message on to any librarian who is available to return the call if you cannot answer the patron's request.
  4. Unlock door to the Learning Lab and Huddle Rooms using Master Key
  5. Open window blinds on all floors and public areas
  6. Push in chairs, straighten tables, etc.
  7. When you Log In to the Information Desk, you should immediately open the following to be ready for any patron needs:
    1. Sierra (This program is notoriously slow! Make sure you open it right away so it has time to load)
    2. PayCor (To clock in/out)
    3. Slack (To communicate with your supervisor)

Closing the library:

  1. 20 minutes before closing, walk around the building (both floors!) to remind patrons of the library’s closing time. Make sure that all windows are closed and locked.  Window latches should be turned to the left, as shown in this photograph.
  2. At closing time, make sure each floor and restroom are empty and turn off lights at their switches (including those for the Campanella Gallery).
  3. For the Huddle Rooms and Learning Lab: make sure the display screens and room lights are powered down. Double-check the windows in the Learning Lab and lock the door to both the Lab and the Huddle Rooms.
  4. Check the Chromebook and laptop carts to make sure they’re locked.
  5. Sign off the Information Desk computer(s), but leave these powered on.
  6. Set the Info Desk trash can(s) next to the desk & ipad stand
  7. Remember to clock out using Paycor
  8. Check the three exterior doors when leaving to make sure they have automatically locked (a red light should appear on the ID card sensor). Doors may remain unlocked if a special event is planned and other university employees are in the building.
    1. If any exterior doors remain unlocked, please do the following:
      1. Contact Campus Safety at 584-6444 and ask the officer to secure the Norrington doors (call back if needed; please do not leave a voicemail with Campus Safety!).
      2. After speaking with Campus Safety, please wait up to 15 minutes after closing time for the doors to be locked. 
      3. If after 15 minutes the doors are still not locked, please contact Danielle to alert her of the situation.
      4. After waiting 15 minutes, you may leave the building unlocked if all non-employees have left.  Please email your supervisor as soon as possible to credit your time card for your extra waiting time.
Park University Library
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