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Library Student Employee Guide: Progressive Discipline

Training & easy reference guide for Library Student Assistants
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Progressive Discipline

Progressive Discipline for Behavior Violations

Warnings and Terminations are difficult situations for all involved. The steps below will be followed if you fail to meet the expectations outlined in this manual or verbally addressed.

  1. A verbal warning and written follow up will be given when a violation or inappropriate behavior occurs. The written warning will lay out the expectations, violation(s), and create an action plan laying out specific corrective actions.

  1. If the problem(s) persists or a different violation occurs after the warning, further job action will be taken. A meeting will take place to discuss the violation and possible solutions. If the agreed action plan is not completed and followed through by the student, termination will occur.

The purpose of the work study program is to give students an opportunity to grow as young professionals. We will work with you on any problems that arise, but we will not tolerate disregard for our rules and expectations. We need you, your skills, and your talents; together, we all serve the Park University community.

Progressive Discipline for Attendance Violations

Excused Absences

Excused Absences are those that were communicated to your supervisor ahead of time. If you know you will be absent from a shift, you should follow the guidelines detailed above. If you are sick or have an emergency and properly communicate this to your supervisor (contact your supervisor as soon as you know you will not be able to come in for a shift), it will be an excused absence.

There is no specific limit on how many excused absences a student can have during the semester; however, if you are regularly missing shifts, your supervisor reserves the right to modify your schedule or take any further action to ensure that the desk is being adequately staffed.

Unexcused Absences

Unexcused absences are when an employee does not previously communicate absence (no call, no show) or their absence is not approved by their supervisor.

The following disciplinary policies are in place:

  1. First absence: you will receive a message reminder about policy.
  2. Second absence will result in job warning.
  3. Third absence will result in probation (student will not be able to work for 1 week).
  4. Fourth absence will result in job termination, with a note to Student Employment on behavior resulting in termination.


Shift tardiness is when an employee is more than 30 minutes late to a shift without prior communication to their supervisor. Two official “late” shifts will equal one “absence.”

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