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Library Student Employee Guide: Work Schedule

Training & easy reference guide for Library Student Assistants
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Work Schedule


Your work schedule will be decided by your supervisor at the start of the term (or after you’ve been hired). Schedules will be based on student availability and will be revised each term (Fall I, Fall II, Spring I, Spring II) as needed.

Number of Hours

Number of hours worked is limited to 15/week. Although students are allowed to pick up or trade shifts, you are responsible for keeping track of how many hours you have worked each week, and ensuring you don’t exceed this limit.

Unexcused Absences

You are responsible for working your approved schedule for the entire term. An absence is unexcused when a student misses work without making prior arrangements with the direct supervisor. Tardiness will not be tolerated; see the progressive discipline plan further below in this document for more information.


If you are running late or will miss work due to an emergency, you must notify your direct supervisor, Anne, via Slack or text, as soon as possible.

Schedule Changes

If you need to make a change to your schedule (leaving town, athletic events/tournaments, etc.) you are required to notify your supervisor at least 3 days in advance via Slack. Your request will not be put into effect until it is approved by your direct supervisor with a written confirmation.


If you are scheduled to work for more than five hours, you MUST clock out for at least 30 minutes after the 5 hour mark. This is a mandatory, unpaid break, per University policy. Students can take one 15-minute break (without clocking out) if you work more than 3 hours in a shift. If you need to run an errand, visit another building on campus, or make an extended phone call, you must notify your supervisor and clock out.

Athletic Schedules

If you are a student athlete, please provide your supervisor a written list of all tournaments and games you expect to miss shifts for at the beginning of each semester.



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