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Library Student Employee Guide: Customer Service Guidelines

Training & easy reference guide for Library Student Assistants
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Customer Service Guidelines

It is important to follow these standards of good customer service so together we can provide the best library experience for Park’s students, faculty, and staff.

Here are the basics:

  1. Be approachable--it's all about attitude!
    1. Greet people when they enter the library.
    2. Stop what you're doing and respond to patrons.
    3. Smile.
    4. Maintain eye contact.
    5. A positive attitude is your best asset.
  2. Be helpful--go the extra mile!
    1. First, listen to get full understanding of inquiries.
    2. Show you are engaged and want to help.
    3. Offer resources (maps, signs, etc.) to aid in your answer.
    4. Don't know the answer? Find a staff member who does!
  3. Grouchy patron? No problem!
    1. Don't let someone's bad day become yours.
    2. Try to help--all while staying positive.
    3. However, if a patron becomes rude, verbally abusive, inappropriate, or ignores your explanations, politely refer him/her to your supervisor.
  4. Slow at the desk?
    1. Ask your supervisor if there's anything you can do (via Slack!)
    2. Check the shift checklists for routine tasks.
    3. Reminder, no headphones, video streaming, or cell phone use. If all other tasks are complete, you can work on homework while still being friendly and approachable by patrons.
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