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Faculty Resources: Course Development

Information about course reserves, information literacy instruction, class resources, and other resources for instructors

A Quick Guide to Using Library Resources in Your Courses

1. Find Useful Articles, Chapters, Video Clips, and More

Remember to use Park's library when searching for articles and book chapters. Your last university library may hold different journals & ebooks than we do.

Use our Start Your Research page, or go directly to your favorite database from our Database List.

2. Save Reusable Links

When you find something you want to review or include in your course, be sure to grab and/or create a stable link. The URL in the browser bar will expire in just a few hours. Find help for locating stable links here.

Park's policy and practice is to NOT post PDFs directly in Canvas. Post a stable link instead. This protects both you and the folks you work with from accusations of copyright violation. 

3. Optional But Recommended: Copy the Citation, Too

Best practice is to also save the citation.

4. Make the Link "Park-Friendly"

Once you have a stable link (sometimes called a permalink), you'll need to "athenize" it. This simple process creates links that are routed through Park's single sign-on, ensuring that all of your students can access all of your links, all the time. Use the Open Athens link generator.

5. Optional But Always Welcome: Meet with a Librarian

If you'd like to talk to a librarian about this or any other topic, please contact us! You can email or set up a meeting through your calendar.

We're happy to walk through steps, discuss options, and help you become familiar with our library resources.

Chat with a Librarian


Director of Library Services

Park University Library
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Phone: (816) 584-6285
Toll-free: (800) 270-4347