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eBooks: Finding and Using eBooks

A quick guide to downloading EBSCO e-books to desktops, laptops, or mobile devices.

Supported Devices and Apps

Find EBSCO eBooks at the following link:

EBSCO eBooks are compatible with:

  • Desktop Computers
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • eBook Readers that support Adobe DRM
  • See More Information

Citing eBooks

How do I cite EBSCO eBooks?

EBSCO eBooks are available in both PDF and EPUB formats. PDF books have page numbers that typically correlate with the print version of the title, and those page numbers may be used for citation purposes. EPUB eBooks are formatted with reflowable text, which means the text resizes to fit the viewing window, and therefore they do not have stable pagination.

Most citation style guides, particularly in the humanities, make allowances for eBooks without stable page numbers. Visit EBSCO's Support Site FAQ for reference if you’re trying to cite an eBook.

How do I cite an eBook?

Find more Citing & Writing help at Park U.

What are EBSCO eBooks?

Why use eBooks?

You have free access to hundreds of thousands of eBooks through EBSCO! These texts can be viewed and downloaded from a computer or mobile device, making them very convenient for students to use and bring to class.

How to find eBooks

1. Under Park's A-Z Database List, find the database labeled "eBook Collections (EBSCOhost)." Log in with your Park credentials (if you're off campus) and browse over 280,000 eBooks on a wide variety of topics!

2. If you're using Pirate Search or another EBSCO database, the left-hand toolbar allows you to limit your search results to eBooks.

Tutorials on Downloading EBSCO eBooks

Do I need to download eBooks to read them?

Downloading or checkout of an EBSCO ebook is only necessary to read the ebook offline (i.e. without an Internet connection) or to guarantee short-term access to an ebook with only 1- or 3-user limits.

EBSCO ebooks may be checked out for offline viewing for 7-14 days depending on the licensing terms for that title. EBSCO ebooks cannot be "renewed," but they can be downloaded again if licenses are open.

How do I checkout and download eBooks to my computer?
  1. Download and install the free Adobe® Digital Editions. Park employees can install this by choosing "All Programs" from the Start menu of their Park-issued computer and clicking on "Microsoft System Center" then "Software Center."
  2. Search EBSCOhost for eBook titles of interest.
  3. Select the book that you would like to read by clicking on “Download This eBook (Offline)” in the result list
  4. Login to MyEBSCOhost. You can create a new account if needed. NOTE: This MyEBSCOhost account is not directly tied to your Park login/password.
  5. Select a Checkout Period and click “Checkout & Download”
  6. When the File Download box opens, select “Open” and the eBook opens in Adobe® Digital Editions.

To learn more, see Checking out and Downloading EBSCO eBooks on the EBSCO Support Site. 

What mobile app allows me to read EBSCO eBooks?

eBooks can be downloaded to your mobile device and read with the Bluefire Reader app and an Adobe ID.

The Bluefire Reader is freely available for:

How do I create and use an Adobe ID with the Bluefire app?

For instructions on creating an Adobe ID for use with the Bluefire Reader app, please see this EBSCO guide.

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Linking to EBSCO eBooks

Can I link to EBSCO eBooks or eBook chapters in my syllabus or Canvas course?

Yes, the Permalink feature in the eBook Viewer makes it easy to copy a link to an eBook or chapter and insert it into Canvas pages or discussions.

To learn how to copy Permalinks in EBSCOhost, see How can I link to eBooks or eBook chapters in my syllabus or on Blackboard? on the EBSCO Support Site.

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