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Accessibility Resources: Images and Videos

Find best practices and resources for designing accessible course content

Images and Videos

Learn how to make your embedded images and videos more accessible.

Alt-Text for Images

  • Making images and graphics "visible" to all users is one of the first principles of accessibility. 
  • The way you make your image visible to everyone is by adding "alternative text" or "alt-text".
  • Adding alt-text to your images is an accessibility best practice.
  • Adding alternative text ("alt text") to an image, will make images and graphics "visible".
  • For people using screen readers or browsing speech-enabled websites alt-text can be read aloud or rendered as Braille.
  • Alt-text gives the speech input software users the ability to put focus onto a button or linked image with a single voice command. 
  • Alt-text allows mobile users to turn images off to help with download speeds or limit data-roaming charges.

Zoom Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Settings

Customize the font size of chat and closed captioning in our accessibility settings. Or if you use Zoom with a screen reader, focus on what you hear with granular control over screen reader alerts.

  • Keyboard Accessibility: Easily manage all major workflows with just your keyboard. Zoom also supports Keyboard Shortcuts to navigate our features
  • Screen Reader Support: Use Zoom without a screen. We follow the latest accessibility standards to ensure that the product is fully accessible to the latest screen readers.
  • Automatic Transcripts: Transcripts are automatically generated and synchronized to make it easy to search and review meetings recorded in the cloud.
  • Third Party Captioning: Never miss a word with closed captioning. Zoom integrates seamlessly with 3rd party closed captioning providers through our Closed Captioning REST API.

Zoom's Accessibility Statement & Best Practices

At Zoom, we want to make human connection easy for everyone, everywhere.
That’s why we train our teams to sustainably build accessible products. We test our products with assistive technologies and continually listen to customer feedback to build products that fit your needs.

Captioning Videos

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