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Resources For High School Students: Find a Topic

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Joining the Scholarly Conversation

Use the video below from Clemson University Libraries to learn more about joining the scholarly conversation.

Find a Topic

Stuck for inspiration? Use some of these sources to explore current issues to find a topic.

Focusing Your Topic

As you do exploratory research on your topic, consider how other authors are discussing your topic:

  • What kind of language are they using, and is it the same language you're using?
  • Are authors identifying key ideas, events, or stakeholders about your topic?
  • Are there ideas of controversy or debate? Is the discussion open for further research?

As you explore what has already been written, it may help you figure out what questions and ideas you have on the topic. Academic writing is a conversation, and your voice is just as important as the voices of published authors!

Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Topic

Posing questions about your topic will help you identify an aspect of the topic you'd like to focus on. Start with some of the questions listed on the infographic/handout below. Which questions seem most important and interesting to you?

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