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College Success Skills: Remote Learning

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Remote Learning

Remote learning brings new challenges, from coping with unstructured time to understanding new technologies and ways of working.

This guide is designed to introduce you to essential information and point you in the direction of our more specific help should you need it.

Remote Learning Resources

Quick Tips

- Keep a physical and digital copy of your syllabus that way you always have reminders of due dates

- Input due dates into your calendar app

- Download your school email app on your phone that way you never miss important communications 

- Have different notebooks/folders for each class. This will keep your notes and papers more organized  

- Email your teacher ahead of time if you have any questions or concerns (this is important since sometimes it may take a while to get a response!) 

- Keep relevant course software updated to avoid any errors

- If you can't focus well at home, try changing your environment! A library or coffee shop might help boost your focus and motivation. Alternatively, you can try to designate a specific work space at home that isn't your bedroom 

Tips & tricks for remote learning

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