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About Scholars @ Work

Scholars @ Work is an initiative from the Faculty Center for Innovation designed to showcase the incredible and innovative research and scholarship from Park faculty members around the world. In addition to faculty profiles, Scholars @ Work hosts an annual fall reception and a roundtable panel discussion every semester giving faculty across disciplines an opportunity to collaboratively discuss a topic of timely importance to the University. For more information on Scholars @ Work, visit our web page!

Brandi Handley

Assistant Teaching Professor of English

Parkville Campus, Copley 216
(816) 584-6374

Scholarship Highlights

Brandi's impressive career has included published scholarship on a wide variety of topics. Browse selected highlights from her teaching and publications, and view her CV below.

“String.” Moon City Review. August 2022. Springfield, MO. Short story.

“String” is a coming-of-age magical realism story in which the main character feels she has no control over the disintegrating family structure she is a part of. These feelings manifest in her becoming physically untethered—she begins to float.

“Adult Education.” Post Road Magazine. Volume 38, September 2021. Boston, MA. Creative Nonfiction.

“Adult Education” is a creative nonfiction piece made up of vignettes and portraits of students Brandi taught at an adult education center. Through the variety of experiences and backgrounds of these students, the piece explores the American education system and what happens when the system fails.

Read the full piece for free.

About Brandi

Brandi Handley is an assistant teaching professor of English at Park University. She is located at the Parkville, Missouri campus.

Brandi earned both her bachelor’s degree in English and master’s of fine arts degree in creative writing and media arts at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Her emphasis area for her master’s degree was fiction writing. 

Brandi has taught at Park University for five years as a full-time faculty member and three years prior as an adjunct. Her scholarship interests include writing short stories and creative nonfiction essays, and she is currently working on a novel. While most of her writing is creative, she has collaborated with colleagues at Park across the disciplines on research projects exploring teaching and learning. 

Outside of writing and teaching, Brandi enjoys watching movies and taking care of her 106-year-old house and her two cats Yorba and Sylvie.

Wise words from Brandi

"For me, research and creative writing start with curiosity. I begin a writing project not knowing where it will end up or what I will find. And that’s the fun of it."

“Making WAC Accessible: Reimagining the WAC Faculty Workshop as an Online Asynchronous Course.” (with Amy Mecklenburg-Faenger and Emily Sallee). Across the Disciplines, 18.3/4, February 2022.

As universities increasingly expand online education offerings, WAC directors are compelled to rethink how to make WAC training more available and accessible to a wider range of teaching personnel. In this article, we describe our unique institutional context as a liberal arts university heavily reliant on online education, and the features that can make implementing WAC at unusual institutions such as ours difficult--in particular, the training/support of geographically dispersed faculty teaching WAC courses in a variety of instructional modalities. We share the design of our four-week online asynchronous WAC faculty training course and present outcomes data from five cohorts that completed the course.

Read the full article from Park Library..

Scholar Spotlight

“A Favor.” Wisconsin Review. Vol. 52.1, May 2019. Oshkosh, WI. Creative Nonfiction.

“A Favor” is a creative nonfiction piece about a brief and unexpected interaction with a stranger who is dying of Alzheimer’s Disease and his wife who is caring for him.

“Holes.” The Laurel Review. Vol. 49.1, 2016. Maryville, MO. Short story.

"Holes” is a magical realism story about a young woman who has perfectly round holes appearing in her clothing. She tries to determine if the holes are a sign from God or a sign that her life is falling apart.

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