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Not sure how to find academic sources for your classes? This guide will provide ample resources to help you get started!
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Limiters in Pirate Search

Some of the limiters you can use in Pirate Search are:

  • Full-text: Only full-text results, eliminating content that has been indexed by the publisher but isn't available through Park's subscriptions
  • Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed Journals: Only content from academic journals in which the content has undergone peer-review, which is review by other scholars in the field.
  • Publication date: Only material published within a certain time-frame
  • Source type: Allows you specify the type of material or the format.  You can request only books, eBooks, news articles, academic articles and more depending on your information needs.
  • Language: Only material produced in a certain language.  Be aware that the library and databases can't offer translation services, so you'll need to be able to read and understand the resources that you find!
  • Publisher: Only bring back material from certain databases.  This is useful if your professor has assigned specific databases for you to use.
  • And more...

The image below shows where you can find limiters in Pirate Search

A screenshot of Pirate Search with the limiter options highlighted. Limiter options are listed and described in the next box.

Not sure where to start with finding articles?

Try Pirate Search!

What is Pirate Search?

Pirate Search is a discovery tool that searches almost all of our databases here at Park! It has journal articles, eBooks, Videos, News Articles and more! Start your research by exploring Pirate Search!

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This video from Lincoln Memorial University explains how Boolean Operators work!

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