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Writing in Your Discipline: Writing for Nursing

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Writing for Nursing

Why a writing guide for nursing? If you hated writing essays in high school or college and think you made an escape by going into nursing where you would work only with your heart and hands; think again. The ability to write well is an essential skill to succeed in almost any field, including nursing. Nurses write documentations, clinical notes and journals about their patients, care plans, interviews, etc. Besides writing as part of nursing practice, contributing to the knowledge base in your discipline or communicating to advocate for better health care, or for better funding, and more...are all good reasons to learn to write well.

Some common nursing essay types include: 

  • Narrative 
  • Expository 
  • Persuasive
  • Comparative
  • Cause and Effect 

Types of Writing Assignments 

A student in the Nursing Program may encounter the following types of writing as described below:

  • Care Plan
  • Case Study
  • Discussion Board
  • Electronic Medical Record Documentation
  • Multimedia Presentation, e.g., Power Point, Prezi, wiki
  • Reflection Journal
  • Research Paper
  • Research Poster
  • Teaching Brochure or Plan
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