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LGBTQ+ Studies: Library Resources

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Director of Library Services

Park University Library Statement on LGBTQ+ Research

LGBTQ+ populations have been historically marginalized socially, politically, and academically. Because of this history of marginalization, anyone researching LGBTQ+ issues or populations should be aware of potential historical biases that may be found in otherwise scholarly sources.

This guide contains many non-peer reviewed academic resources. Journals may have rejected or otherwise not published materials relating to LGBTQ+ issues, and thus, the most robust collections on LGBTQ+ issues and people may not be traditional academic collections.

Restricting the term "scholarly" to refer solely to peer-reviewed sources can be unnecessarily limiting when researching topics related to historically marginalized populations. We encourage anyone with questions about the credibility or legitimacy of sources to contact a librarian for discussion.

Databases Related to LGBTQ+ Studies​

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