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Academic Success Center (ASC): Testing Center

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Testing Center

Our Testing Center provides many services for Park University students, including placement testing for new students and make-up exams for students who have missed an exam. Our proctor will also provide testing accommodations for students with disabilities. We also proctor standardized tests like CLEP, DSST, MoGEA, and proctored exams for students of other colleges for a proctoring fee. To make an appointment, please see the Testing Center. Need assistance with preparing for particular tests? Visit our Test Preparation Resources page for assistance.

Contact information

Park University | Parkville, Missouri Campus | Mabee Learning Center, Academic Underground | Room: MA231
8700 NW River Park Drive,
Parkville, MO 64152
816-584-6887 (Testing Center) Please leave a voicemail if there is no answer-the voicemail goes straight to our email and we will get back to you. 

Hours of Operation

Our summer hours of operation varies weekly. We open dates for tests one month at the time. Please check our scheduling site for availability. 

Directions to the Testing Center

College Placement Testing

Incoming students to Park University may be required to take placement exams. Students who need to take these tests may wish to prepare by looking at sample questions at . Click on the links for math, reading and writing to see sample questions. Note: we do NOT use the test called “Writing MC.”

The test is online. It can be taken from anywhere at any time. Students on the Parkville campus are welcome to schedule an appointment to take the test on a computer at the Testing Center.

Advisors/Admission Counselors: For more information on placement testing, access our Placement Testing – Advisor’s Resource in MyPark.

Make-Up Exams for Park Students

Parkville campus students who miss a scheduled exam may be able to schedule a make-up exam with the Testing Center with authorization from the course instructor. If approved, instructors and students must follow these steps:

INSTRUCTORS will need to submit a Proctor Request form to the Testing Center. This information needs to be submitted prior to the scheduled exam.

STUDENTS will need to schedule an appointment with the Testing Center in order to take the test. The appointment must be booked at least 24 hours before your test. Be sure to click “add to cart” (there is no charge for this test) and also “complete registration.” In addition, a photo ID is needed on test day!


Testing with Disability Accommodations

Students who receive testing accommodations for a disability may take their tests in the Testing Center. The office of Disability Services will inform your instructor to send your tests to the proctor, but no information about the disability will be disclosed. The proctor will provide the approved accommodations. Students will need to schedule an appointment with the proctor for the test. Please make your appointment at least 24 hours before your test.  Be sure to click “add to cart” (there is no charge for this test) and also “complete registration.”

CLEP Testing for Parkville Students

CLEP testing in the Parkville, Missouri campus is available to Park and non-Park students. All CLEP testing is computer-based. To schedule a CLEP exam, follow these steps:

STEP 1: : All CLEP exam payments must be made by test-takers online through the My Account registration portal You will be required to pay the cost of the test ($93)*. Military students who are eligible for vouchers for test fees will follow the instructions on the website.

Upon completing the registration process each test-taker will print a Registration Ticket that must presented at the test center in order to take the test and as proof of payment.

STEP 2:  Your CLEP registration is not complete until you reserve a seat in the Park University Testing Center on the Parkville, Missouri Campus. Choose your date and time for your exam, and pay the non-refundable administration fee ($28.50) online by credit card. Tests on the Parkville campus are given in the Academic Underground at the Testing Center, MA231.

Here you can view CLEP and DSST Correlation to Park classes.

*Effective July 1, 2024, the new CLEP exam fee will be $95. The current $93 fee will still apply to all exams purchased through June 30, 2024.

CLEP Testing for Campus Center and Online Students

CLEP and DSST exams are available at the following Park University campus centers. Please, call the appropriate location for more information appointment availability:


CLEP06110, Park University - Hanscom AFB


Testing available on Thursday at 12:30 pm to those who have access to the base; to schedule, email
CLEP04903, Park University - Malmstrom AFB Montana  Email:, Phone: 406-761-7540
CLEP08014, Park University - Grand Forks AFB North Dakota Email:, Phone: 701-594-2977.
CLEP07637, Park University - Wright Patterson AFB Ohio Email: Phone: 937-259-1289 or 937-904-4806.
CLEP02487, Park University - Charleston AF South Carolina Email:, Phone: 843-552-7990, 
CLEP03908, Park University - Laughlin AFB Texas

Testing on a monthly basis  to schedule Email:  Phone: 816-294-8924 

CLEP05175, Park University - Hill AFB Utah Phone: 801-773-4692
CLEP07994, Park University – Quantico Virginia Email, Phone: 703-525-7275
CLEP02860, Park University - Fairchild AFB Washington Phone: 509-244-2020, testing available only on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am and 1 pm PST.
CLEP08087, Park University - F.E .Warren AFB Wyoming Email, Phone: 307-632-1092

Click here to find an alternate CLEP test center.

DSST Testing for Parkville Students

All DSST testing is done online. The cost is $128.50 to take the exam at the Parkville, Missouri campus. Register via the test registration link. Choose the date and time for your exam, and pay the non-refundable administration fee ($28.50) online by credit card when you schedule your appointment at the Park University Testing Center.

Access the DSST website to buy your exam. The $100.00 remaining balance, payable to the DSST Program via a credit card* is due on the day of testing * Visa, Master Card or AMEX only. [NO DEBIT CARDS, CASH, OR CHECKS ACCEPTED.]

Park University Institution code for DSST is 9274

To view titles of DSST exams, passing scores, credit hours, and correlation to Park courses, visit DSST Correlation to Park Classes.

Take a Remotely Proctored 

Civilians and eligible military service members can schedule a remotely proctored exam. Click here to register.

MoGEA and MEGA Paraprofessional Exams

Students may register for MoGEA  as follows:

  • Go to Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments to register and pay the state fee for the exam on that page. Fees vary according to the test required.
  • While registering, you will be directed to go to the Park University Testing Center registration link to set your appointment with our Testing Center. Although there is no fee, you must complete this step in order to have a confirmed appointment to test.
  • Be sure to choose the same date you chose on the Missouri Educator Gateway website.  You will receive a confirmation email from us, informing you that we have you on our calendar.
  • Once you arrive, you will show the proctor a photo ID and he/she will log you onto a computer for the test.

For information on passing scores for MoGEA, please visit this site.

  1. Where is the Testing Center located?

The Testing Center is situated in the Parkville Campus MA231, adjacent to the bookstore in the underground1.

  1. Can I bring personal belongings into the testing room?

While personal belongings such as bags, phones, and electronic devices are generally not allowed in the testing room to maintain a distraction-free environment, we provide lockers where you can securely store your belongings during your test. Please ensure to place all personal items in the designated lockers before entering the testing room. Exceptions may be made for essential items such as medical devices or necessary medications, which can be discussed with the testing center staff.

  1. Are there any restrictions on the types of materials allowed during the test?

Yes, there are usually restrictions on the types of materials allowed during the test to maintain a fair testing environment. This may include restrictions on electronic devices, notes, calculators, and other unauthorized aids. Specific guidelines regarding permitted materials will be provided prior to the test.

  1. What forms of identification are accepted for testing purposes?

Acceptable forms of identification typically include government-issued photo IDs such as driver's licenses, passports, or state ID cards. Student IDs may be accepted in some cases but may require additional verification. Please refer to the testing center's website or contact staff for a complete list of acceptable IDs.

  1. Are there any accommodations available for students with disabilities?

Yes, the testing center strives to provide accommodations for students with disabilities. Accommodations may include extended testing time, a separate testing room, or access to specialized equipment. Students requiring accommodations should contact the testing center in advance to plan.

  1. How far in advance should I schedule my test?

It is recommended to schedule your test as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred date and time. Some tests may have limited availability, especially during peak times such as midterms or finals. We advise scheduling at least a few weeks ahead to ensure availability or at least a week ahead.

  1. Is there a fee associated with scheduling or rescheduling a test?

There may be fees associated with scheduling or rescheduling tests, depending on the test which you are supposed to take. Testing center's website or contact staff for information regarding any applicable fees.

  1. How long does it typically take to receive my test results?

The time it takes to receive test results can vary depending on the type of exam and the organization administering it. Some tests provide instant results, while others may take several days or weeks for grading and processing. The testing center staff can provide an estimate based on the specific exam being taken.

Test Scheduling FAQ

Can I reschedule a test if I have a conflict?

Yes! If you need to reschedule, follow these steps:

      1. Visit the Testing Center website.
      2. Click on the schedule an appointment link.
      3. Click the My Account/ My Exams/ My History tab at the top of this page.
      4. Enter the email address you used to initially schedule your exam.
      5. Click the Continue button underneath the email field.
      6. In a few minutes, you'll receive an email link which is valid for 90 minutes.
      7. Click the link from the email received.
      8. A new window will open with your registration history.
      9. Click the Reschedule link.
      10. A calendar will appear with the available dates for rescheduling purposes.
      11. Click the date and time to reschedule.
      12. After you have completed the step above, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of the new test date.

What if I need to cancel a test?

You cannot cancel an exam if you paid through RegisterBlast.  You will need to directly contact the Testing Center in order to cancel a paid exam. 

    • To cancel a test appointment:
      1. Visit the Testing Center website.
      2. Click on the schedule an appointment link.
      3. Click the My Account/ My Exams/ My History tab at the top of this page.
      4. Enter the email address you used to originally schedule your exam.
      5. Click Continue.
      6. You will receive an email from
      7. Click the link inside the email.
      8. My Exam History page will open. Find your exam and click the Cancel link.
      9. Click "Yes, cancel my registration" if you are sure you want to cancel or "Keep current registration" if you do not want to cancel your exam.

What if I miss my scheduled test?

If you miss a scheduled test, you may need to reschedule. Contact the Testing Center for assistance.

Can I change my test location?

Generally, tests are administered at the Parkville Campus. If you need to take a test at a different location, contact the Testing Center in advance to discuss options.

Feel free to reach out to the Testing Center via email at or phone at 816-584-6887 for any further inquiries or assistance

How do I Schedule a Test?

To schedule a test, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the schedule an appointment link.
  2. Select a group from the drop-down menu below Choose a Group.
  3. Continue to choose the correct option from any remaining Choose a Group drop down menus. This process narrows down your test selections.
  4. When Choose an Exam appears, select your precise exam.
  5. Click the Select a Date For Your Exam field to choose an available testing date from the calendar.
  6. Click the Choose a Time field to select an available testing time.
  7. Complete the personal information for the person who will be taking the test.
  8. Read the Exam Guideline Acknowledgement in the scroll box.
  9. Check the box under the scroll box, to acknowledge the guidelines.
  10. Complete the Needed Information.
  11. Click Add to Cart.
  12. If you need to add another exam, click Add Another Exam and repeat the previous process.
  13. If payment is not required, click Ready to check out
  14. If payment is required, complete the credit card fields and click Purchase Exams.
  15. If you have completed all necessary registrations, click Complete Registration.
  16. Once you have clicked Complete Registration, your confirmation email will appear on the screen, you may print a copy for your records.
  17. Upon a successful transaction you will receive an immediate email confirmation receipt. You must have this receipt with you at the time of testing.
  18. Save or print your receipt
Cancel or reschedule information
Park University Library
8700 NW River Park Drive, Box 61 - Parkville, MO - 64152
Phone: (816) 584-6285
Toll-free: (800) 270-4347