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Sir John Everett Millais Ophelia (1851-2). Oil paint on canvas. ©Tate 2016.

EBooks on Literature

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Immateriality and Early Modern English Literature

Immateriality and Early Modern English Literature explores how early modern writers responded to rapidly shifting ideas about the interrelation of their natural and spiritual worlds.





Book JacketGames and War in Early Modern English Literature : From Shakespeare to Swift

This pioneering collection of nine original essays carves out a new conceptual path in the field by theorizing the ways in which the language of games and warfare inform and illuminate each other in the early modern cultural imagination. They consider how warfare and games are mapped onto each other in aesthetically and ideologically significant ways in the plays, poetry, or prose of William Shakespeare, Thomas Morton, John Milton, Margaret Cavendish, Aphra Behn, and Jonathan Swift, among others. 


Book JacketNew Readings on Women and Early Medieval English Literature and Culture : Cross-Disciplinary Studies in Honour of Helen Damico

New Readings on Women and Early Medieval English Literature and Culture showcases current and original scholarship relating to women in Early Medieval English culture and in Early Medieval English studies and promises to stimulate new work in those areas. Recognizing the plasticity of gender structures, roles, and relations in Early Medieval English literature and culture as well as within the modern discipline of Early Medieval English Studies, the essays reveal pluralities of gender bequeathed to us and encourage us to rethink power/gender dynamics in our present moment.


Book JacketThe Imagination in Early Modern English Literature

Deanna Smid presents a literary, historical account of imagination in early modern English literature, particularly imagination's effects on the body and on women, its restraint by reason, and its ability to create novelty.

EN 201: Introduction to Literature

This guide will provide resources for you to conduct academic research and literary analysis on literature.

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